Mölndal city library

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Ground floor Mölndal city library

About the library

Mölndal city library has two entrances, one from Bergmansgatan and one from Ulla Jakobssons plats.
The ground floor has a childrens section with a storytelling room, reading room and a nursing room. On the ground floor you also find newspapers and a small stage area, "Gradängen".
On the second floor are the youth and adult sections, with books, films, magazines, TV games and CD:s.
The library offers many places to read and study. There are also group study rooms on the second floor, which you can book using your library card.
Book group rooms or public computers
  • The library accepts bank cards only, no cash, for payments
  • Borrowed items are returned inside the library, during opening hours
  • The library was opened in its current location in December 2017

Contact Mölndal

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Address: Bergmansgatan 31 431 30 MÖLNDAL
Phone: 031-3151600


  • The nearest bus stop is Storgatan just outside the library
  • From Mölndal station/Centrum there's a seven minute walk to the library
  • A three-hour free parking for disabled persons is located in Bergmansgatan just outside the library
  • The entrance doors of the library are automatic and a tactile path in the floor leads up to the information desks
  • The library has two floors and there is an elevator
  • There are toilets for disabled on both floors
  • The auditorium has a hearing loop for persons with personal hearing aids

Librarian in front of a shelf in the children's section
The children's section

Shelves in the adult non-fiction section
The adult non-fiction section