Library card and terms and conditions

Sign up for a library card and you'll have access to the library's wide range of media. You can borrow books, films, e-books - but you can also book computers, study rooms and search databases. Apply by filling out this online form and collect your new card by showing photo ID at our information desk.

Two people meeting at a desk. Hand holding library cards.

Library card

A library card is free and in order to get one all you have to do is identify yourself with a photo ID. You are responsible for what is borrowed on the card. If you lose your card, a new one costs 30 SEK. A library card is personal and you should immediately cancel a lost card. 
Read the terms and conditions below and then fill in the form on this page. Identify yourself at the information desk with a photo ID to get your card. 
For children under 18 years of age, the guardian accepts the terms and conditions and is responsible for what is borrowed on the library card. There is a printed form to fill out at the libraries for guardians with children under 18.  
Read the terms and conditions and then fill out the form further down on this page. Read the terms and conditions and then fill out the form to the right.

How we handle your personal data

In order for you or your child to be able to get a library card, we need to process your or your child's personal data in the library data system. The legal basis for handling your personal data is that the processing is necessary to perform a task of general interest in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The purpose of keeping personal information is that we should be able to register where books and other media are when they are on loan and to be able to contact you if you have not returned items on time. Your data is not used in any context other than in the public libraries in Mölndal. 

Pin code

To be able to borrow using the self service kiosks at the libraries, you must have a PIN. With it you can also use our online services 24 hours a day.

Borrow and renew media

  • Standard loan period
    3 weeks. If there´s a queue for the book, DVD, CD or Video game, the loan period is 14 days. 
  • Book club bags
    6 weeks
  • E-media
    4 weeks
  • 7-day loan
    1 week

Book bus loan times

  • Standard loan period
    4 weeks 
  • 14-day loan
    2 weeks

If there is no reservation, you can renew your loans up to 8 times.
You can renew your loans on our website or on the self service kiosks in the libraries.
You are responsible for remembering the due date. We can't guarantee that overdue alerts and reminders will reach you.


For loans that are not returned on time, you will have to pay a penalty fee.
If your fees are more than 100 SEK your library account will be blocked. Your account will also be blocked when you receive a second reminder, in case of late returns.
The first reminder is sent out after one week and the second reminder after another two weeks. 
If you haven't returned your items after two reminders, you will need to replace what you have borrowed. A bill is sent out three weeks after the second reminder.
You have to replace damaged or lost media. You will pay the replacement cost or a minimum fixed flat rate. A billing fee of 40 SEK is added.
You borrow electronic media at your own risk. Libraries are not responsible for any damage to technical equipment.
Age limit for borrowing movies for adults or video games for adults is 15 years.


Fees are paid at the libraries:
  • You can pay by card at Mölndal City Library and Lindome Library.
  • You can pay by card or swish at the library of Kållered.
  • At the mobile library - pay by swish only only.
  • Adult media
    3 SEK/day /media.
    Max 90 SEK/media 
  • 7-day loans, 14-day loans and films on DVD
    6 sek/day and media.
    Max 180 SEK/media
  • Library bicycle
    50 SEK/day

Media replacement 

For destroyed and unreturned media, you pay the replacement cost, or a fixed minimum rate:
  • Adult - book, audiobook
    260 SEK / media 
  • Childrens - book, audiobook
    100 SEK / media
  • Music CD
    160 SEK / media
  • Magazine adult
    80 SEK / issue
  • Magazine children
    20 SEK/issue
  • Pocket book
    80 SEK / media
  • Films on DVD
    500 SEK / media
  • Video games
    500 SEK / game
  • Billing fee
    40 SEK

Keep in mind

If you lose your library card, contact the libraries immediately and cancel it to prevent unauthorised use.

Prepare your library card

Select this if you want an sms when an item is due for pickup