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Guide to the library

At the library you can borrow books, cd's and dvd's, read newspapers and magazines. You can search for information in reference books and on the Internet.

Joining the library

By joining the library as a member you can make the most of what we offer. Membership is open to everyone. Joining is simple, informal and free. Only proof of identity is required. Children under 18 years of age must have the written consent of their parent or guardian.


Items are normally loaned for a period of three weeks, and may be renewed for a further period if not required by another user. Fines are charged on any item kept beyond the loan period. Movies on dvd are for hire for a week.

Reservation of books

The books available to you are not limited to those you see on the shelves. If you cannot find the book you are looking for, please ask the staff. Our library system has some 200 000 books and other media in stock and they may be obtained for you through the request service.


The library is your local information centre. Here you can make enquiries for business and local information and everyday facts. The libraries also have information shelves with reference books like directories, dictionaries on particular subjects, Who’s who and medical and legal guides. There is also a vast number of information sources available on the Internet.


All libraries have Internet workstations that can be booked in advance and used free of charge. When using our Internet facilities we strongly request that you do not visit sites that show pornography, advocate sexual discrimination, racism or the use of illegal drugs. All forms of bullying are prohibited. With a library PIN code that we provide on request, you can manage your loans and make reservations online. The PIN code is also required for booking Internet workstations. PIN codes are issued to children under 18 only after the written consent of their parent or guardian. You will find the library website on https://bibliotek.molndal.se. Your PIN code is also the key to our wireless network. Please use it if you bring your personal laptop along.

Specialist services

Special collections are available. These include language courses on tape, maps, books in foreign languages, newspapers and magazines and also film and music on VHS, CD and DVD. Please note that we subscribe to newspapers in several foreign languages. 

Housebound readers

We provide a books-on-wheels service to housebound readers. Please ask for details.

Talking books

For persons with poor sight or other impairment who cannot read ordinary books, talking books on cd's (Daisy Format) are available. There is also a collection of books with especially clear larger print.

If you require further information please ask our staff.

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Mölndals stadsbibliotek

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Bergmansgatan 31
431 30 Mölndal

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