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Library services: terms and conditions

Joining the Library & Library Card

Joining the Library is free. Please bring a valid form of identification to sign up at the Library. Minors (under 18 years) need a signature from a parent/guardian, to join.

Registered users receive a Library Card, to borrow books as well as other resources from the Library. Please keep your card safely. Replacing a lost card costs 25 Swedish kronor.

Privacy Policy & Data Protection

The Library collects, holds and handles necessary information about your person under your Library Card account. The purpose of storing this information is to register loans of materials and to contact you about Library services. The Library is required to handle all personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Please contact the Library for further information about our Privacy and Data Protection Policy.

PIN Number

When you join the Library, you receive a personal PIN Number (four digits). The PIN lets you check out loans at the Library, as well as keep track of your loans via the Library website. The PIN is also used to log on to computers and Internet/WiFi at the Library.

Internet, WiFi and Computer use

Library Computers and the Library WiFi may not be used for criminal activity according to Swedish law. Offensive contents such as racist propaganda, pornography or violent contents, may not be accessed on Library Computers, or via the WiFi. Please note; users who actively download offensive online content, may be blocked from using the Library Internet.

Regular Loan Period

Regular Library books, magazines and CD:s are lent out for three weeks at a time. After three weeks, you can renew your loan period, as long as nobody else has reserved the book(s) you have borrowed. The maximum extended loan period is nine weeks, in total. Call the Library to extend your loan period, or do it online by logging on to your account on the Library Website.

Other Loan Periods

7-dagarsbok - one week (brand new book titles)

14-dagarsbok - two weeks (brand new titles at the Mobile Library Bus service)

DVD movies - one week


User Responsibilities

Please handle all borrowed items with care. Any item which is returned too late will be charged with a late fee. Damaged, broken or lost items must be replaced and there is a service charge on any damaged Library materials. The Library cannot be held responsible for technical damage on users’ private electronic equipment. The age limit is 18 years for borrowing DVDs and video-games for Adults.

Fees for Overdue Items

Late fees are paid to the Library staff, at the counter. If your overdue fee is 100 kronor or more, your library card will be temporarily suspended, until the fee has been paid. The Main Library Mölndal accepts payment by bank card only.

Adults 2 kronor/day and item. Maximum fee: 50 kronor/item

One week loans incl. DVD 2 kronor/day and item.

Maximum fee: 300 kronor/item

Children´s media excl. DVD and video-games: No fee

Any damaged or non-returned item(s) will be charged with the current repurchasing price, or minimum fixed replacement fee:

Adult books/audiobooks 250 kronor/item

Childrens’ books/CDs 100 kronor/item

Audio/music CD 200 kronor/item

Magazine 50 kronor/item

Pocket 75 kronor/item

DVD, CD-rom, PC Game 300 kronor/item

Video game 500 kronor/item

Service charge 40 kronor


A4 Black and white copy and/or print-out from computer 3 kronor/page

A4 Colour copy 5 kronor/page

A3 Colour copy 10 kronor/page

No free printouts. No photo copies at the Main Library.

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